Fishing for Pike and other species. Fly fishing for pike is a rapidly expanding area of the sport. With an upgrade and adjustment to your tackle, you can be off and fishing for this magnificent species very quickly. I have caught numerous double figure pike – many over 20lb in weight. As an experienced Pike fisherman, I can teach you about handling and caring for your catch, how to unhook safely and return the fish to fight another day. I always practice catch and release when Pike fishing and with the proper tuition, you will be able to handle any fish and have it landed, unhooked, photographed and returned within minutes.

I also enjoy fly fishing for Chub, Dace and Rudd during the summer months – with a few tweaks and a slight change of fly patterns, you can have some real fun and enjoy this exciting branch of the sport.

Ballistic Flylines Pro Team | APGAI Single & Double-Handed Casting Instructor | FFI MCI & THCI | GAIC Fly Dressing Instructor | ADB Level 1 Coach

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